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Maroon '05 is causing me severe mental anguish

"Start with the peculiarities of your own language...and tell us how your language makes you unique"--Kimberly Traube, La Jolla, CA

Ahhhh!!!! The University of Chicago (team name Maroons, which explains the title of this post) comes across much better in person than from far away. I don't have a choice about applying there, and I actually liked the school when I visited, but these essay topics are absolutely from hell. After like 10 drafts, I'm still no closer than when I started.

It's one thing to simply not accept the Common App. When a school goes to great lengths to tout its "Uncommon App," it's just plain infuriating. Ahhhh!!!!! Why can't I get any money from Yale? Oh well. I guess everything has some cosmic purpose.
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Go mustard!
I gave up on mustard. I'm doing the language one, but it's still driving me nuts. Oh well. Did you find a picture yet? The more we have, the less we can actually use.
Yeah, still haven't found a picture I really like yet.
I did the Chicago language question -- your best bet, I think, is to punch it out, stream-of-consciousness style, and then edit it down, maintaining your unique voice.
Why not just choose your own topic, that's what I did. I wrote about how I would change and reform the college admissions process to create an environment where a person and a school could be better matched while the hordes of competition and anonymity were eliminated.